eHospital, IntelliSOFT’s flagship product, is an end-to-end hospital information system that is powered by Bahmni. eHospital leverages an integrated medical records system, lab system and ERP in a distribution that addresses the workflows, forms and reports of the East African market. eHospital has ability to manage the patient journey from registration, through consultation, lab orders and prescriptions. Our vision for eHospital is to positively impact care delivery through access to and quality data.

Powered by Bahmni

eHospital is a distribution of Bahmni. Behind the product is a strong and active community continuously developing and strengthening its impact. eHospital leverages the software excellence and technical architecture of a globally proven system.

Built for the East African Health Landscape

eHospital is a Hospital Information System built in East Africa, designed for the East African Health landscape. It is easily configurable to include forms and reports required by country and national governments.

Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

eHospital transforms health delivery by allowing care providers access to quality data and information. The system provides the foundation for a longitudinal health record, tracking information such as consultation notes, diagnoses, lab orders, drug history, and more.

End-to-End Facility System

eHospital has the ability to capture all patient touch points with a facility. Beginning from patient registration, through care delivery, all the way to patient billing, eHospital is a fully integrated system through which providers can get real-time patient information.