Vsmart Extensions
Health Facility Systems

This category includes the largest plethora of health information systems and the most activity in as far as health data collection, capture, collation, storage and transmission is concerned. Specific systems covered under this category are: Electronic Medical/Health Systems, Pharmacy Information Systems, Laboratory Information Systems, etc.

IntelliSOFT’s focus of expertise in this context is:

•    Pre-EMR system implementation facility assessment exercise.  This is intended to determine how ready a facility is in terms of meeting all the basic minimum environmental requirements required to successfully implement an EMR.
•    Development of monitoring and evaluation framework for the facility health information systems.
•    Workflow and process analysis.
•    Indicator development/harmonization and compliance with national MOH requirements.
•    Appropriate implementation of MOH-standards compliant EMRs including support and maintenance mechanisms.
•    Functional and non-functional audit of EMRs according to established local and international standards for EMRs.