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Clients and Projects

Clients & Projects

IntelliSOFT has been involved in designing, developing and implementing health information systems in Kenya since 2009. The company has cut itself a niche in providing services, expertise and products focused around health management information systems and health research information systems with its first project being development of a Clinical Trials Registry for the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB).  In the year 2012, IntelliSOFT handled three major contracts from I-TECH Kenya, CDC-Foundation, and Management Sciences for Health (MSH). Details of those contracts are provided below:

Project: Blood Donor Management System -”Text for Life” (August 2012 to present)
Client: Kenya National Blood Transfusion Services
Supporting Partner: CDC Foundation

IntelliSOFT has been contracted by the CDC-Foundation to design, develop and implement an mHealth system aimed at improving blood donor base in Kenya and promoting donor retention for successive repeat donations. The goal of this project is to support the government’s policy that “every person in Kenya who requires blood has access to safe blood at any time”. This is enshrined in the National Strategy on Blood Donor Mobilization of the KNBTS, “to ensure an adequate supply of donated blood to meet the needs of Kenya”. Additionally, this implementation is also intended to support various public health interventions aimed at improving continuity of care for donors who may require health services.

Project: Kenya OpenMRS - Electronic Medical Records System (June 2012 to Sep 2012)
Client: Ministry of Health - Government of Kenya
Supporting Partner: I-TECH / University of Washington

IntelliSOFT was sub-contracted by I-TECH (University of Washington), to provide expertise in specific aspects of customizing OpenMRS for the Ministry of Health in Kenya. Under this contract, IntelliSOFT was tasked with development of appropriate user interfaces of the Kenya EMR (https://demo.kenyaemr.org/openmrs/login.htm, username:demo / password:demo) to support further customization and extension of the functionality of the Kenya OpenMRS to meet evolving needs of the Ministry of Health. As a core member of the development team, IntelliSOFT participated in workflow design that influenced the development and implementation approach of the Kenya EMR. This approach is in line with a fundamental public health approach of not only strengthening health systems, but actively seeking strategies that support sustainable health solutions.

Project: Pharmacovigilance Management and Reporting System (2012 to present)
Client:  Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Supporting Partner:  Management Sciences for Health

This project commenced in April 2012 with the overall aim to automate a Pharmacovigilance reporting system that has been completely paper based, to improve and make efficient pharmaceutical consumer reporting to the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. The solution includes a Web based application that will also be available on mobile browsers as well as downloadable on a variety of computers, including mobile devices.


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Project: Clinical Trials Registry (2010 – Present)

Client:  Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Client: Kenya Medical Research Institute

IntelliSOFT developed a Web based system to support research institutions and regulatory agencies to primarily manage research protocol information, improve their protocol review and determination processes as well as support a government initiative aimed at bridging the research to policy gap. This system is now live at two key research and regulatory institutions in Kenya, the Kenya Medical Research Institute and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board. Plans are underway to expand it to other academic, research and regulatory institutions.